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Khadeshia's Bio


founder of Akoma (Heart)Bloom Wellness

Hi Beautiful People! I am Khadeshia Beam.  My journey to the physical practice of yoga came as a result of my practice off the mat.  Life experiences drew me to the practice of yoga.  You could say my experiences, past and present are a big part of my desire to practice and teach yoga.  I think all of the people placed  in my life along with my experiences led me to Yoga. I grew tired of my life being a constant struggle internally due to childhood trauma and unhealthy relationships.   My prayers to the Creator along with the strong will I have to be truly happy and well, drew me to  yoga and meditation. The process of me looking inside of myself for the love I sought outside of myself began.  With consistent and connected practice of yoga and meditation, I began to experience the healing attributes which allowed me to become more  expressive and birthed a desire within me to share the practice.  Not only was I learning how to control my emotional impulses, I was becoming more aware of the impact my well-being had on others. I began learning how my body communicates to me through sensations, pain, flexibility and sickness.  My meditation and yoga has helped me through grieving, pregnancy, trauma, mental chaos, physical pain, migraines, work related stress, anxiety, sadness, mom guilt, shame, depression and creative blocks.  Consistently practicing meditation and yoga helps me to cultivate mindfulness in everything I do. I am in no way shape or form perfect because I practice and teach this healing modality that translates to me as life practice.  However, I am more aware of who I am and the importance of my life, the purpose that I have been given to inspire others to take care of themselves as a whole and heal through my own healing process and teaching. 

Upon finding out all of the various aspects of yoga during teacher training, I came to realize that my journal, my two children, my relationship with myself, with food and people  both personal and professional are my  yoga practice just as much if not more than the physical poses and meditation. The intuitive sensation I felt since a small child to help heal the world planted a seed of service oriented work within me.  Through social work, customer service, healthcare, work with children and autistic men, I realize that my purpose on this planet is to do work that transforms lives, empowers self healing, complete wellness and compassion through reconnecting with ones true self  and teaches people to experience and embody pure love. It is imperative to me that I inspire myself and my students to be aware of the impact their well-being has on themselves and the world through guiding yoga and meditation.  Yoga is a life saving practice that everyone no matter their age, race or size can benefit tremendously from if they are ready, willing and open to the process of cultivating a lifestyle of complete wellness encompassing mind, body and spirit.  

I thoroughly enjoy working with employees at corporations, teachers onsite at schools and children ages 3 and up at child development centers, elementary and high schools.  Adults, children, seniors, private and corporate students all have a unique need for the practice that I myself am connected to whether to engage more playfully in life, become more expressive and focused,  take a moment in stillness to release stress, relieve bodily pain, heal from trauma, release defeating narratives,  build self-confidence, practice self-care and self-love,  create physical and mental openness, increase focus,  flexibility, strength, loose weight, explore and connect deeper with the body, mind and spirit  or relearn how to breathe; I have been in need of yoga for these very reasons and continue to practice to honor my healing process, keep my peace and be well inside out; this not only makes me wholeheartedly vested it connects me to each student I guide. 

Types of Yoga Offered by Khadeshia 

Ashtanga Based Practice: Vinyasa Flow, Slow Flow, Restorative, Meditation,Power, Cultivation of Mindfulness 

200 RYT from  Infinity Yoga now Yoga Works here in Atlanta

Registered with the Yoga Alliance